Rick Fessler sq

As the CEO of CH&M Holdings, Inc., Rick oversees the day-to-day operations of all of companies under the umbrella of the holdings company. He takes pride in mentoring each of the Presidents of the companies, giving advice and guidance as needed, while modeling what it means to be a servant leader. Even as he is in-tune with the inner workings of each of his current ventures, he is constantly exploring new business opportunities that could be part of CH&M’s vision.

What sets Rick apart as a CEO is his commitment to integrity above all things.  He defines integrity as "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles".  With integrity as the base, the 5 Core Values of CH&M (stewardship, excellence, compassion, family, community) guide the day-to-day business decisions of each of its companies.

Rick’s greatest joy is his family—wife, and love of his life (Stacie), and two daughters, who are "truly gifts from God" (Kaitlyn and Reagan).  There is nothing Rick enjoys more than to simply spend time with them, or go on a travel with them.   Mountain biking and golf are his favorite things to do to unwind and rejuvenate. He loves hanging out with his friends, contemplating together about how to truly succeed in life and make this precious life count. Most importantly, Rick is a person after God’s heart, seeking to love Him more each day, and do the best he can with all that he has been given, cherishing each person he meets along the way.