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Elite Home Solutions, LLC is a utility and home tech concierge that partners with real estate agents, commercial real estate agents, and property managers to provide best move-in experience for their clients/tenants.  EHS operates in the background to set up utilities, internet, television, and other home technology services, so that clients/tenants are ready to live in their new homes on the moving day.  EHS is known for giving friendly, expert consultations on everything home tech (TV, internet, etc.), in addition to getting their customers best deals that fit their needs and lifestyle.  With EHS, people save time, money, and enjoy peace of mind.

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AOVA Electronics is a company manufacturing high quality, minimalist-design cellular accessories that complement busy lifestyle.  The wholesale division of AOVA partners with mobile service providers to develop highly profitable and scalable mobile accessory offerings.

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Custom Communications Too, LLC (CCToo) is an Authorized Retailer for Cricket Wireless.  As the industry shifts to a pre-paid platform, led by more cost-conscious and educated consumers, CCToo seeks to remain on the leading edge of the emerging trends in the wireless industry.  CCToo’s Cricket stores are currently located in four states--MO, IL, KS, and IN

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GITDAT, LLC (Get That) is an online shopping experience like no other. GITDAT specializes in sourcing unique products from around the world and providing them at a competitive price.  When you see a friend using a cool, unique product, you might ask, “Where did you get that (gitdat)?”  With GITDAT, you’ll be hearing that question quite often.

Summit Project, LLC is the wing of CH&M that creates lifestyle brands that seek to transform quality of life through innovative products.   Each product manufactured through this company is linked to a cause that betters the lives of people around the globe, while caring for the environment that we live in.

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Two Hands One Heart Foundation is a public charity organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.