"Each one has a story to tell.

We cherish every one of them."


CH&M Holdings, Inc. (“CHM”) is a St. Louis, MO based holdings company with several subsidiary companies: Elite Home Solutions, AOVA Electronics, Custom Communications Too, Gitdat, Summit Project and Two Hands One Heart. The products and services these companies provide include retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecommunication, and consulting services. CH&M businesses are Christian faith-based, committed to loving God and loving others for the glory of God. Therefore, in all that we do, we cherish each person and each moment that we encounter in our journey. In doing so, we believe, we’ll exceed our customers’ expectations, better the lives of those God has entrusted to our care (our employees), and leave this world a better place.



We strive to care for all that’s been entrusted to us. Since nothing is our own, everything having been given, it is with sheer gratitude that we partake in creating values for our shareholders, customers, employees, and our communities.


We take pride in giving our best to those we serve. We believe that doing our best not only provides opportunities to grow as individuals and to live meaningful lives, but also betters the lives of others.  Through innovation and hard work, each company seeks to contribute to the health of respective industries.


We extend compassion, grace, and kindness to others. When we regularly practice putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and treating others the way we’d like to be treated, we bring out the very best from everyone, building a culture of compassion.


We take care of our CH&M team, so that they can care for their families. We believe that everything is connected.  Happiness in one sphere of life affects all the other spheres of life.  Happy workers bring happiness to their homes. And vice versa.


We exist to serve the communities around us.  Through monetary donations and active local participation, we create stronger communities that partake in the joys and pains of one another.